Hey friends and clients! There's been something on my mind that has been hard to put into words, so bear with me. It seems like the most difficult part of ordering wedding flowers is imagining how the floral designs are going to look! It's easier for vendors to imagine how all the pieces fit together for a wedding, because we do it so often... but it's so understandable that our clients can have a bit more trouble visualizing the whole picture. 

Here's the main takeaway I hope that our clients and future clients will know about our designs:

Think about your floral designs like you are ordering pieces of art--not just a product.

Allow me to elaborate...

It's kind of a two way street here--we fall somewhere strange between customer service and art, and each side (our side and our clients) gives and takes a little. We want to create super unique designs for our clients, but we don't want to create anything that our clients won't like.  

It's my hope that the design I'm imagining is the same that our client is imagining... But let's be real--that's impossible. For us, the ideal situation would be that our clients tell us up front: here's what I know I won't like! Whether that's something to do with texture, shape, a specific type of flower, color... it could be anything.

Going into a consultation with us, we'd prefer not to copy a Pinterest photo or an Instagram screenshot. However, we can pull inspiration from those photos (like colors and favorite flowers), rather than duplicate them stem for stem. When it comes to the feeling and movement of your designs, we hope that your source is our Instagram page and our website!

Our advice? Be open :)

If you can open yourself up to the idea of your wedding flower as works of art, we believe you will be so pleasantly surprised at just how much you will love and cherish them! 

All this is simply to say, we want to provide the very best designs for our clients--our desire is for you to be absolutely blown away by your wedding flowers and remember them fondly as pieces of artwork in your photos.

See? Look how happy we are when we get to do stuff for you guys <3

See? Look how happy we are when we get to do stuff for you guys <3

Hosting Nicole Clarey Photography

Last weekend we hosted Nicole Clarey Photography in our studio, Zurie, for a photography workshop! Evergreen Flower Co. designed a centerpiece, a bridal bouquet, and a ceremony backdrop for Nicole and her attendees to photograph. Our styling and production was curated by Leda of Events Held Dear! If you want to see some more behind the scenes photos, you can check out the hashtag #getitgirlworkshop on Instagram. 

This workshop was taught by Nicole Clarey to local photographers, most of them who are film photographers. She kept the class size down to 8 attendees so she could really get more personal and work one-on-one. Nicole dove into her own trade secrets and shared so much valuable knowledge--I was glad to be around in the background to hear her inspiring words! 

We did so much prep work to make this a really unique experience. We started with Nicole's Cali-inspired mood board, which included a peachy-pink wall. We used her favorite colors to inspire us! Leda took the art direction deeper and found the coolest plates, chairs, flatware, and glassware to tie everything together. Nicole wanted to make sure each attendee had plenty to shoot, so Leda came up with mini styling stations and worked with Taylor of Inkwell & Co. to come up with a beautiful invitation suite and a blue tile seating chart.

Taylor's beautiful invitation suite

Taylor's beautiful invitation suite

Nicole hired Angela of Bequest Gifting Studio to create custom gifts for the attendees! They included Rifle Paper Co. notebooks, "Get It Girl" mugs, adorable pen, and an air plant.

Bequest Gifting Studio - Custom Gifting for the Get It Girl attendees!

Bequest Gifting Studio - Custom Gifting for the Get It Girl attendees!

Peeling off the painters tape...

Peeling off the painters tape...

We really put so much effort and energy into this workshop, and it started with painting this wall pink! Yes, we painted this wall pink JUST for the workshop and we painted it back to white haha

Nicole also insisted on ordering cactus cookies from Jana Lee's Bakeshop! She was very, very excited ;)

Megan is always the one who can see the bigger picture of our installations ;) I love that Megan and Johni always really consider this sort of thing! It helps me also take a step back and be much more intentional too.

Nicole starting off with her tips on shooting tablescapes

Nicole starting off with her tips on shooting tablescapes

Leda styling a few invitation boards for the attendees

Leda styling a few invitation boards for the attendees

Finishing touches on the table

Finishing touches on the table


If you know me at all, you know I have a $20 wedding band that I wear... so trying on a $10,000 Trumpet and Horn ring was a bit intense! 



I got to sneak a few photos on my camera too ;) (wanna-be film photographer over here...!) 



Lori Baskin Photography was one of our attendees and she has a great blog post HERE about her experience at the workshop and where you can see some more of her beautiful images!!! Lori did such an amazing job picking up a film camera for the first time since high school--in fact, she killed it!

Caroline Koehler Photography experimented with double exposure during the shoot, and I was SO pumped to see this image!!!

Overall, we had SUCH a blast! It was amazing having so many talented and eager friends here in our studio, Zurie Co-working! Nicole did such a great job!!!

Workshop Leader: Nicole Clarey Photography
Stylist: Events Held Dear
Flowers: Evergreen Flower Co.
Dress: B Loved Bridal
Ribbon: The Lesser Bear
Stationary: Inkwell & Co.
Rings: Trumpet and Horn
Hair + Makeup: Blushed by Victoria
Custom Gifting: Bequest Gifting Studio


We are going to start blogging regularly again--and we want to use this as a tool to share even more photos of different designs we create, discuss colors, give wedding advice, and show behind-the-scenes of all the projects we get to work on!

This year has so much in store for Evergreen Flower Co. We are super, super excited about all of our clients weddings this year! So many beautiful color schemes and different styles. I'm definitely going to do my best to take as many photos as I can! If I had it my way, each bridal bouquet would get its own personal photoshoot. We are going to be sourcing our product from a lot of different places this year, including some of our very favorite local farmers! Stay tuned for that one! 

Our Assistant Designer, Megan, is now designing Lead next to me, and we hired another girl, Johni! Johni is our Studio Coordinator (fancy for, keeping us on schedule during delivery and designing with us all other times). We will do introductions with them in a later blog post.

Other updates for Evergreen Flower Co. include our very minimal list of 2017 goals! If you're interested, these are a few of the things we are really, really focusing on this year:

  1. responding to emails faster
  2. sourcing unique product from as many local farmers as possible
  3. searching for more direct light when taking photos
  4. enjoy every second we can of designing this year!
  5. crock pot Fridays (because Fridays are our longest day... and Jimmy Johns already knows my name, so I'd like to put a stop to that...)
  6. drink more water and have a cooler ready in the car with water bottles for wedding days :)

Do you have any goals for this year? 

For now, here are some photos for you to enjoy of two arrangements we designed with leftovers and just for fun today! We think they are sisters...