Hey friends and clients! There's been something on my mind that has been hard to put into words, so bear with me. It seems like the most difficult part of ordering wedding flowers is imagining how the floral designs are going to look! It's easier for vendors to imagine how all the pieces fit together for a wedding, because we do it so often... but it's so understandable that our clients can have a bit more trouble visualizing the whole picture. 

Here's the main takeaway I hope that our clients and future clients will know about our designs:

Think about your floral designs like you are ordering pieces of art--not just a product.

Allow me to elaborate...

It's kind of a two way street here--we fall somewhere strange between customer service and art, and each side (our side and our clients) gives and takes a little. We want to create super unique designs for our clients, but we don't want to create anything that our clients won't like.  

It's my hope that the design I'm imagining is the same that our client is imagining... But let's be real--that's impossible. For us, the ideal situation would be that our clients tell us up front: here's what I know I won't like! Whether that's something to do with texture, shape, a specific type of flower, color... it could be anything.

Going into a consultation with us, we'd prefer not to copy a Pinterest photo or an Instagram screenshot. However, we can pull inspiration from those photos (like colors and favorite flowers), rather than duplicate them stem for stem. When it comes to the feeling and movement of your designs, we hope that your source is our Instagram page and our website!

Our advice? Be open :)

If you can open yourself up to the idea of your wedding flower as works of art, we believe you will be so pleasantly surprised at just how much you will love and cherish them! 

All this is simply to say, we want to provide the very best designs for our clients--our desire is for you to be absolutely blown away by your wedding flowers and remember them fondly as pieces of artwork in your photos.

See? Look how happy we are when we get to do stuff for you guys <3

See? Look how happy we are when we get to do stuff for you guys <3