About your designers



Heather found her love for floral design while living in Reykavík, Iceland with her husband. For years, she studied music and performed in ensembles, but a draw to travel pulled her elsewhere. There was always a feeling and a drive for her to be independent, and once she discovered that love for flowers, the logical combination of creativity and owning a small business soon followed.

Owning a floral design company has given Heather the opportunity to work creatively with her incredible clients, while also pursuing a life-long goal of independence. Evergreen Flower Company has also been able to offer Heather and its employees the ability to travel around the world to design flowers. This year, Evergreen Flower Company designers will travel and design for weddings in Jamaica, Italy, Chicago, and Michigan.



Megan’s journey as a florist began with an interest in flowers in college, but quickly developed into a passion and a lifestyle. As a lead designer, every day is a chance to explore and play with new product or a new color scheme, reinvent an old scheme, and collaborate with friends in the industry.

Megan is truly inspired by the depth and individuality of each couple. Working with the Evergreen team means working with close dear friends and talented minds. It means laughing through exhausting moments and working so hard. It means celebrating Evergreen Flower Company’s couples throughout their planning process all the way to their wedding day -- It means a chance to explore and delight in the floral world.



Johni has always been very passionate about art in just about every form. Among her love of visual art, literature, and music, is the unique medium of flowers. Intrigued with the endless variety of structure and color, Johni finds her love for floral design to be entwined with her pull towards thoughtful art forms. Much like discovering artwork that moves her and sharing it with others, Johni loves the challenge of creating pieces that can spark interest and make the viewer stop for a moment to observe, or even be inspired. Flower art is living, it is to be appreciated in the moment, and then it’s fleetingly gone. The way floral design contributes to a space, an event, and ultimately the way it makes a person feel is what lasts.