Two Down - High Line Car House

This past weekend we had our first two weddings of the year, and both happened to be at one of our favorite venues, High Line Car House. We are always so impressed with the staff at High Line + Two Caterers. Two Caterers runs the show, and their staff, service, and efficiency are so appreciated! 

I think we have have done maybe 10 weddings or so with Two Caterers at High Line, but we have also worked with Two Caterers at other venues as well, such as Strongwater. Every event we have worked with them has been so organized.  

From start to finish, we have seen how professional Two Caterers is. The two Carering Specialists/Event Managers we work with the most are Meghan and Joy and they are extremely responsive to emails and are definitely team players. I can’t say enough good things about Meghan and Joy. They really are so good at what they do, and they are passionate and professional. They execute wedding days with ease and confidence that could really only be achieved by experience—which they have so much of! We also work with Kate a lot who is usually the Event Supervisor of the night, and Kate is a massive team player. Kate’s hard work is only matched by the amazing serving staff that works with her. Kate always seems to have the answer for everything and we value her so much. She’s usually there with us to the bitter end of cleanup ;) along with the serving staff who has, on more than one occasion, helped us clean up our big flower mess. 

Honestly, it makes us so proud and happy to see the staff at Two Caterers/High Line Car House snapping pictures of our designs and installations. They love to see the different designs and we’ve been tagged in a few Instagram photos that just really make me smile. I think this is what really sets them apart—they love seeing their space transform and fill with people celebrating such an important event. 

As for the weddings we did this weekend, I’ve really got to mention the unique designs we were so fortunate to have been hired to create for our couples!

Friday, February 16th
Lindsey + Brandon

Lindsey has us design a half halo for the ceremony backdrop, which seemed to sprout from the wood floors. Cloches lined the aisle leading down to the halo. We filled the halo with different textures, including one of our favorite kinds of eucalyptus, autumn eucalyptus, with its color and leaf variation and all the little details you can see in each stem (our other favorite type of eucalyptus comes from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm and that stuff deserves a blog post of its own...!!! So good). We filled the halo with sweet peas, blown standard roses, blooming quince and almond branches, and incredible reaching spirea with so much movement. 


Lindsey’s bouquet had two textures of Frou Frou Chic ribbon—she wanted a bouquet that was more of a statement with lots of texture and focus on the color scheme: white, blush, deep red, greens, twigs.  


Saturday, February 17th
Morgan + Keith 

Morgan was inspired by greenery and the simplicity of white flowers. Her vision enabled the space to change dramatically with greenery draped on all of the chandeliers at High Line Car House. I do love climbing up on ladders :):)  

The look turned out to be so classic, full, and welcoming. We did a flip with the Two Caterers staff and that’s really where they showed us how incredible and focused they are.  


And here’s the (rather intense!) flip! The ceremony space turned into the reception space during cocktail hour.


Thank you so much to Lindsey and Morgan for your trust—we were so honored to design for you! And of course thank you to High Line and your staff at Two Caterers for working with us all weekend. We’d take a weekend with you anytime.