Picks of 2017: Part I

Things have slowed down for a minute at EFC. So after a little rest and a lot of reflection, we jotted down a list of all the amazing things that our small but mighty team has accomplished this past year. I knew we had tackled a lot, but I had no idea the magnitude of our combined efforts until I saw it all written down in one place.

To make a complete understatement, 2017 has been an incredible year for Evergreen Flower Co. (and not just because I joined the team). This past year has been busier than ever, so when Heather, Megan, and I actually sat down in the studio for the sole purpose of reviewing the year, it was truly a gift.

My goal of this meeting, besides warding off an impending game of Boggle (Game-Haters unite!), was to highlight a lineup of EFC events that immediately came to mind and had made lasting impressions.  And so, without further ado, I present to you: part one of Evergreen Flower Co.’s Picks of 2017.


Lindsay + Tom

Noted for: Creative freedom and interesting product that enhanced a unique venue

Photographer: Jenny Haas / Location: Virtues Golf Club

We all had so much fun with this particular wedding. The overall vibe was light and romantic, yet simple. The end result felt like being on a cloud.
— Megan

Andrea + Jesse

Noted for: Heavy use of greenery for a simple and natural vibe


Photographer: Jenna Powers / Location: Zurie Studio

Creating the large statement designs was arguably life-changing. Being able to use 100% greenery and blooming branches resulted in remarkably beautiful designs with a lot of movement.
— Johni

Hannah + Craig

Noted for: Stunning use of color that worked well within the venue

Something that really gets me excited about a wedding is when a bride trusts us and appreciates our design process.
— Megan

Kaite + Mo

Noted for: Soft and romantic color palette

Photographer: Anna Markley / Location: Granville Inn

One aspect of an ideal client is a person who is open to new ideas and has a flexible color scheme.
— Heather

Stay tuned...

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be adding more events to this list. In the mean time, swing by our Work page and browse some other lovely things by EFC. Let us know if something strikes your fancy!