Picks of 2017: Part II

Welcome to the second part of our collection of 2017 favorites. If you’ve only stumbled onto Part II, I’d recommend taking a glance at Picks of 2017: Part I. By its lonely self, this post will feel lacking and incomplete, like a bowl of Trix cereal these days.

Moving right along, I give you part two of Evergreen Flower Co.'s Picks of 2017.


Katie + Jared

Noted for: Uniquely inspired color scheme

 (and an amazing ceremony arbor for another blog post!)

Photographer: Christa Kimble / Location: High Line Car House

Inspired by a glowing sunset, this concept was brought to life by colorful Dahlias and Burning Bush sprigs.
— Johni

Katherine + Kris

Noted for: Bold jewel-toned color palette


Photographer: Jenna Powers / Location: Zurie Studio

To enhance the richness and warmth of this palette, we used shades of red and gold against pale blue Japanese Delphinium and incorporated muted blooms.
— Megan


Caitlyn + Adam

Noted for: Delicate colors and airy design with a touch of whimsy

Photographer: Jenna Powers / Location: Zurie Studio

Filled with some EFC shining star blooms like Cupcake Cosmos (I’m looking at you Old Slate Farm!) and Nicotiana, these designs turned out freshly ethereal.
— Johni

Melissa + Chad

Noted for: Use of interesting textures and bouquet shape to create a boho-backyard vibe

Photographer: Morgan Whitney / Location: Delaware, Ohio

When a particular feeling is communicated to us, we get the challenge of working within a specific realm to create something truly unique to the couple.
— Heather

One last thing

To you, good readers, who have made it to the end of yet another list post from the inter-webs, thank you for taking this walk with us through some of the outstanding weddings that we were able to be a part of this past year.

Thank you to the incredibly hard working and talented vendors with which we have the honor of sharing this industry.

Thank you to the amazing clients we've had and the ones we are so excited to create things for this year!

Cheers to 2018 and to never slowing down!