Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration: Part I

Source:  Jenna Powers  

Source: Jenna Powers 

With its unlimited photo scrolling, how-to lists, and #goals, Pinterest has revolutionized modern event planning. Many of our brides bring us photos of bouquets and arrangements that they love and while we do share Pinterest mood boards with our clients, there is something really quite special about a couple who has found extra-floral inspiration. 

What I mean by this is, when we are met with designing for a wedding that has been influenced by something other than, well, another wedding, we have the opportunity to be challenged creatively and to make something completely unique! 

Fear not, I have compiled a (somewhat lengthy) list of some places you might not have thought of to find your event inspiration, in no particular order. So no need to hurt yourself trying to conjure a creative epiphany, here is the first installment of the inspo-list.



What to look for: design juxtaposition, mixture of color and texture, intrigue
Where to look: store display, interior design, fashion

Source: Dale Magazine

Source: Dale Magazine

Source:  Anastasia Savinova  
Source:  Anthropologie



What to look for: organic elements, texture

Where to look: um...outside, travel photographer, nature documentary

Source:  Joe Greer

Source: Joe Greer

Source:  Captain Tenneal
Source:  John Bozinov

Source: John Bozinov



What to look for: movement, eye-catching sensibility

Where to look: fabric, structure, nature, just look at something up close

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

The (literal) bottom line...

The bottom line here is that the sky is the limit. Inspiration can be found anywhere, if you are open. We are constantly on the lookout for that thing, the one that sparks something inside and moves our hands to create. I'm thrilled to share more of what inspires us in Part II. In the meantime, let us know where you're finding it!