Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration: Part II


Searching for that spark of creativity, that stroke of genius, that guiding light of inspiration is often the first step in planning any event. Creating floral designs that fit into a specific vision is what EFC is all about and we love working with hosts who are excited about their event theme. I began discussing places to look for inspiration that determine an event's overall vibe in my last post. I recommend you read it first as it is the "Sorcerer's Stone" (AKA "Part I" for you Muggle readers) to this post. 

The thing about finding inspiration is that one never knows when it might strike. Whether it hits like a ton of bricks or slowly builds (what's with all the construction analogies?), having the openness to be inspired by even the simplest of experiences is something of a super power (and now I'm regretting not titling this post series "Adventures of The Incredible Inspiration). It may be that such a super power is a learned practice as easy as being aware of everyday experiences and having the expectation to inevitably find inspiration. Simply viewing daily life through a different lens can even make the most mundane errands seem like a visit to the museum! Here I have listed a few more places you may be surprised to find an inspired foundation on which to build your event (again with the construction imagery).



What to look for: mood, detail, distinct vibe, theme

Where to look: Blockbuster

Source: La La Land

Source: La La Land

Source: Amélie

Source: Amélie

Source: Moonrise Kingdom

Source: Moonrise Kingdom



What to look for: inspiring words, phrases evoking emotion

Where to look: book, poem, foreign language




What to look for: lines and movement, atmosphere

Where to look: travel documentary, HGTV, architecture publication, historical building



What to look for: texture, presentation, flavor

Where to look: Farmer's market, Chef's Table, cook book

Source:  Pistacia Vera