Florals Fit for Royalty


Guys. Did you get chills when the acapella choir sang “Stand By Me”?  Did you get teary-eyed when you heard how Prince Harry hand-picked Meghan’s bouquet from Diana’s garden? Did you just die when you saw those mammoth floral arches?! If not, then you may need to check for a pulse. 


With the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle fresh in our minds, we had to throw together somewhat of a royalty inspired shoot with Jenna Powers and a majestic dress from B. Loved Bridal (let's be honest, the true inspiration is probably this dress).


We used a mix of found greenery, some with darker, textured leaves as well as Autumn Eucalyptus. Combining white Peonies, soft lavender Baptista, and yellow Garden Roses gave a sweet, feminine feel against the bold and commanding deep purple Irises. 


The culmination of Angie Warren's exquisite work on Sara's hair and makeup, the way the sun was hitting the city, and the sweetest looks exchanged between these newlywed models is enough to make even Queen Elizabeth smile.


Floral Design: Evergreen Flower Co. 

Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

Photography: Jenna Powers 

Dress: B. Loved Bridal

Hair/MUA: Angie Warren