Flat Lay Bouquets

Getting a great detail shot of a bridal bouquet is a must for any wedding album and some of our favorite photos of our bouquets have been of them simply laying on the ground! I wanted to share some of our favorite bouquet photos, and it’s definitely no coincidence that these are all from our favorite film photographers... 

(Pro Tip: If you’re engaged and still looking for your photographer, you’d make your florist really, really happy if you selected a film photographer!)



Photographer: Jenny Haas Photography

Samantha's bouquet will always be one of my favorites because she was so bold with her color scheme--she was married at Irongate Equestrian Center and Jenny snapped a quick photo of her bouquet on some very unassuming steps, and the result was a stunning backdrop! Check out the rose fonce dusty silk ribbon from Frou Frou Chic...


Photographer: Jenny Haas Photography

Oh Kate--you were one of our very first brides who was into the garden-inspired design style. Your wedding was so beautiful and when Jenny sent us your film photos... This is just one of my favorite photos ever, mostly I think because it makes me so nostalgic! Kate was married at Wells Barn at the Franklin Park Conservatory


Photographer: Jenny Haas Photography

Jenny and I did a quick and beautiful little shoot in Dayton, Ohio with some incredible lilac that my grandmother let me cut down from her lilac bush! We threw in some clematis and some really textured and unique silk ribbon from our amazing friend, Kate, owner of The Lesser Bear!


Photographer: Kylie Noelle Photography

We are so excited to work more with Kylie this year! Kylie, you are so talented! This bouquet was from a styled shoot that we were a part of. A Charming Fete styled the shoot and Kate from The Lesser Bear made this incredible, custom dyed 4" wide silk ribbon in a dusty, grey blue. One of my favorite spools of ribbon ever.


Photographer: Jenna Powers Photography

Jenna and I share Zurie Studio, along with Leda from Events Held Dear and any time the girls need flowers, I'm always very inclined to provide--especially when the photos turn out this good. And of course, some more ribbon from Frou Frou Chic draped over this bouquet!


Photographer: Nicole Clarey Photography

And then we have NICOLE! Nicole might be the master of the Flat Lay Bouquet shots. Not sure what it is about your photos Nicole, but I'm always so obsessed with your shots of them! We did a shoot with Mayesh Wholesale flowers, Events Held Dear, and B. Loved Bridal at our photo studio at Zurie and I was able to reuse that amazing 4" custom dyed ribbon again from The Lesser Bear!


Photography: Jenna Powers Photography

This bouquet was made for Candace Read, who is a local Columbus blogger, social influencer, and fashion stylist. Jenna took photos for Candace and her husband's anniversary and we jumped at the chance to make something for her!


Photographer: Jenna Powers Photography

This is Barbie's bouquet, which is also one of my very favorites! Barbie's style was so classic but with a romantic garden feel. These garden roses were sourced locally from our friend Jenny at Rose Girl Ltd.!


Photographer: Kyle John Photography

This bouquet was designed for the Belle Lumiere Workshop in Kentucky this past fall--Leda from Events Held Dear styled the workshop and Kyle John lead the sessions. 


Photographer: Nicole Clarey Photography

Leda's sister, Shannon, got married last fall and we were so happy to create such colorful designs for her!


Photographer: Nicole Clarey Photography

This bouquet is Jenna Nicole's bouquet from her wedding last summer. We love how Nicole styled her bouquet with this styling cloth on the stone!


Photographer: Nicole Clarey Photography

This bouquet was one of our very favorites to design for Nicole. She did a small, curated creative shoot at Zurie Studio!