Something Kind of Fantastic about Wes Anderson Inspiration


Dear Reader,

Imagine that I have just pulled out a dusty Nico record and and started playing it on a phonograph. Dressed in a prep-school blazer and a plaid beret, I sit down at hotel bar with a typewriter that matches the curtains that are a vaguely off-kilter color palette of retro hues. I'm writing this in a Futura narration now, so please imagine it with me. And just like that, one is transported into the world of Wes Anderson.

To watch a Wes Anderson film is to be carried into a very particular, somewhat peculiar visual world. The easily recognized film director's style is chalk-full of carefully considered shot composition, alt-folk music, intensely detailed costumes, melancholia, incessant references, and ambiguously retro props that you can never quite place in any one era.


Really what it comes down to is not just one particular detail, but rather all of them combined that moves you in some way, which is why we were so excited to contribute florals to the Wes Anderson inspired nuptials of Katy and Frank at Cleveland's Glidden House.

Running with Wes Anderson's thematic color palette of vintage tones and playful textures, we used rust orange Ranunculus,  Fritillaria Meleagris, and pale blue Muscari. Lady Slipper Orchids, Cyrtomium leaves, and double Daffodils helped to evoke a sense of faded grandeur. 


And so, dear reader, whom I shall forever consider friend, is where we part ways for now. I thank your for your impeccable attention and passive companionship on this design journey. 

Signed, Johni 

P.S. Jenna Powers graciously photographed the attached images in this post. She is also fantastic.