Whimsical Spring Studio Design


A wise-beyond-her-years woman of insight once said "Often times pushing boundaries looks like taking the time and energy to make a few more pieces after having finished designing for more than one wedding and just sweeping the floor...To make something that is an artistic expression just for the sake of creating something unique or even weird."

Yes, that "woman of insight" (honestly more like woman of winging it) is yours truly and I suppose I once said that a couple of weeks ago in my post about what it looks like for the EFC studio to continue to push boundaries in floral design (you can read the full post here). 


So in the name of pushing boundaries, with the use of extra product and a creatively drained spirit, this design was produced. And Heather, as always, killed it. 

Using small Spring blooms, Tulips, Old Slate Farm Poppies, and an assortment of Ranunculus, this design is full of whimsical movement, incredibly complimenting colors, and negative space that is *flame emoji*. 

Floral Design: Evergreen Flower Co. 

Photography: Jenna Powers 

Venue: Zurïe Studio