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The Only Decor Your Wedding Needs

A whole year has gone by and still Tom + Lindsay's wedding comes to our minds as one of the best (happy 1 year, you two!). Feeling like it was set atop a cloud, this cocktail celebration was an absolute dream. If I had to define what it is about this particular event that makes it so romantically spectacular, I would say it's the air of simplistic elegance provided by the only decorations: floral designs. 

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How To Push the Boundaries of Floral Design

Timeless. Romantic. Elegant. Emotional. All words that could be used to describe elements that EFC strives for. But also among them is “evolving”. A large reason that I love being apart of Evergreen Flower Co. is that our team recognizes that we haven’t “arrived”, and it’s understood that we never will. We are constantly brainstorming and questioning, looking for ways that we can push ourselves creatively. To grow as artists, to push the floral design boundaries.

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Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration: Part III

As we continue to list out more unexpected places that you may just bump into inspiration, keep in mind that inspiration comes from a communicated idea that strikes something inside us. So trust your instinct, the emotions attached to your source of inspiration. After all, when planning an event, you are wanting to curate a space to communicate a feeling to your guests. 

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