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Confessions of an Evergreen Florist: Part I

More than once I have been at a social gathering making small talk with vague strangers who, upon hearing that I am a floral designer, have informed me in some way that they would just love to be a florist. And while I do love my job, I am here to inform you that it isn't all glamorous. I'm looking at you, Chelsea Peretti (and your Netflix stand-up bit about having my serene florist dream-job). So here's Part One of the dirt on being a florist at Evergreen.

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Pop of Purple

Something Old Dayton  recently hosted their second Pop-Up Wedding Event and, guys, I am SO here for it. "Wait, what is a pop-up wedding?", you ask...Well, let me start by saying that it's nothing if not magical. Mari and Kyle Foster at Something Old Dayton transform their studio into a small ceremony site, taking care of all the details, so that the only job the happy couples have is to pop, I mean, show up. There is something so fun and romantic about the pop-up wedding concept and this purple and peachy-blush toned scene is plum proof.

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All The Little Things

When it comes to planning your event, the emotional spectrum spans anywhere from "I have no idea what I'm doing, this thing is going up in flames" to "Planning may be my calling. Should I quit my day job?". Whether you have had your wedding planned since age 7, or you feel like you're being suffocated by seating charts and tulle, hiring a professional is totally worth it. 

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Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration: Part III

As we continue to list out more unexpected places that you may just bump into inspiration, keep in mind that inspiration comes from a communicated idea that strikes something inside us. So trust your instinct, the emotions attached to your source of inspiration. After all, when planning an event, you are wanting to curate a space to communicate a feeling to your guests. 

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Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration: Part II

The thing about finding inspiration is that one never knows when it might strike. Whether it hits like a ton of bricks or slowly builds, having the openness to be inspired by even the simplest of experiences is something of a super power (and now I'm regretting not titling this post series "Adventures of The Incredible Inspiration). It may be that such a super power is a learned practice as easy as being aware of everyday experiences and having the expectation to inevitably find inspiration. Simply viewing daily life through a different lens can even make the most mundane errands seem like a visit to the museum! 

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Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration: Part I

With its unlimited photo scrolling, how-to lists, and #goals, Pinterest has revolutionized modern event planning. Many of our brides bring us photos of bouquets and arrangements that they love and while we do share Pinterest mood boards with our clients, there is something really quite special about a couple who has found extra-floral inspiration. 

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