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The Only Decor Your Wedding Needs

A whole year has gone by and still Tom + Lindsay's wedding comes to our minds as one of the best (happy 1 year, you two!). Feeling like it was set atop a cloud, this cocktail celebration was an absolute dream. If I had to define what it is about this particular event that makes it so romantically spectacular, I would say it's the air of simplistic elegance provided by the only decorations: floral designs. 

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Confessions of an Evergreen Florist: Part I

More than once I have been at a social gathering making small talk with vague strangers who, upon hearing that I am a floral designer, have informed me in some way that they would just love to be a florist. And while I do love my job, I am here to inform you that it isn't all glamorous. I'm looking at you, Chelsea Peretti (and your Netflix stand-up bit about having my serene florist dream-job). So here's Part One of the dirt on being a florist at Evergreen.

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