A   S I M P L I F I E D   A P P R O A C H   T O   W E D D I N G   F L O W E R S

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Wild. Free. Foraged. Natural.

The Bohemian design style features the naturally wild and carefree personality of flowers and foliage in a very relaxed structure. Greenery is a major focus for this scheme and it plays a big role in enhancing the fewer quantity of blooms in the most efficient of ways. This design style is the entry-level package.




Loose. Organic. Refined. Delicate.

The Garden-Inspired design style celebrates the natural movement of flowers and foliage in a loose and organic structure. Key blooms in various intriguing textures and colors are highlighted in a foraged nest of unique greenery. This is Evergreen's signature design style, and the "middle-of-the-road" package.


Proper & Polished

Traditional. Classic. Clean. Elegant.

The Proper & Polished design style highlights the traditionally bloom-heavy, classic, tighter and rounded designs. This timeless concept utilizes a higher quantity of blooms per design than the other two design styles, which puts it at the higher end of the price range.

Full service setup beginning at $2,500

What to expect

With Evergreen Flower Co.'s unique quoting style, you can always expect fresh, cost-effective, seasonal flowers and foliage.

In our consultation, we will discuss your favorite flowers, and your least favorite! We will expand on your color scheme to create depth and artistic, thoughtful designs. You can always expect fair and honest pricing, complimentary setup, and complimentary delivery to Columbus-area venues & prorated delivery charges to venues outside of Columbus.

We offer a minimal fee to rent our vases ($100.00 flat fee). Teardown fees are a separate charge.